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Inspired by Korean fashion trends of combining traditional culture with modern society, the MUMUSO brand was registered in Korea in 2014. MUMUSO is a value store devoted to selling variety of high quality products in affordable prices. The brand's mission is making life easy to people by spreading the tenacious, ever-lasting spirit of hibiscus all over the world.

MUMUSO continuously works on improving the upper limit of taste/price ratio, providing extremely well designed value products, optimising the supply chain service system to reduce the cost and creating relaxing and light-hearted shopping experiences for its customers.

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We have new products sold in our stores every day. We make sure we keep you excited about all our new products! You can also now enjoy online shopping!

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You can now shop MUMUSO products online and have them delivered to your doorstep within only 2-3 working days and to anywhere in Lebanon. Online shopping is now available!

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City Centre Beirut                        Jnah 

2nd floor, Hazmieh                        Facing Monoprix, Beirut

01 877387                                        01 845149

cc@mumuso.com.lb                      jnah@mumuso.com.lb

City Mall                                         Mansourieh

1st floor, Dora                                 Beside Coral Station, Main Highway           

01 284280                                       03 728203

cm@mumuso.com.lb                     mansourieh@mumuso.com.lb 


BFL Group, Jnah, Beirut

01 829900 info@mumuso.com.lb